Transform your Lifestyle for a Better Life

…Laptop, smartphones and television. Our life is revolving around these things. I believe its time to alter our lifestyle!

The biggest problem in my views is our increasing interest towards digitally operating gadgets. Remember the time when you last visited a park along with your spouse and kids? I don’t say we should abandon using all the modern inventions. However keeping yourself stick with these things is sickening you. Believe me or not many psychological issues we are facing are a result of our bad habits. Thus keeping a control is something necessary now. Let me tell you about my personnel effort and its results!

Make a Commitment

Commitment is the most important thing. In fact a person who cannot make strong commitment with himself or herself cannot keep the promises with others as well. So the foremost important thing is commitment. I still utter these words when I wake up in the morning,

I commit,

I am going to make this way a memorable one
I will spread happiness today
I will keep my emotions controlled
I will try to share whatever I have with others
Yes! I will try to make this day a memorable one
Actions Speak Louder than Words

Now after committing these things, its time to do something organic. In fact nothing is going to help you if you are not willing to put your efforts in. What I do to start my day is exercise. Steadily I have made it my habit to run a few miles. Now, even the harsh weather cannot stop me. I believe it is something that has bring a great and positive in my life. My life has got better as my body is healthier and stronger now

Change the Way You Deal With Others

There was a time when I had the feelings about being superior than others. Today I am a different person and I believe there is still more to learn. Gratitude has now replaced the proud. My friendly style has helped me in finding some great friends. When I deal with the kids I do so while keeping my own past in mind. I don`t fight with others anymore. Can anyone tell what he or she achieved by fighting?

Keep Yourself Open

Keeping yourself open is a very important thing. Whenever I face any challenge I assure myself that it is another opportunity. Believe me I have achieved a lot with this approach. Hardships and difficulties are part of life and we don’t have anything to take everything under our own control. So, stay open to the realities of life and you will start looking for even more challenges… watch this amazing TEDx video and start begin with the change! I wish you best of luck

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