My Recent Room Redesign

I decided to redesign my room to make it look more fresh. Changes included getting modern ceiling lights, changing the colour of the walls and getting some new art.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the final result. Three of my walls are white and the third one is red. The floor is black as it used to be. I bought two pieces of art from ebay. It didn’t cost me a fortune and the final look of my places is awesome. I postponed the redesign for months but it was worth to finally get started and finish the work in 3 days(big thanks to my friend Mark for help).

I’d love to show you the look of my room, especially the modern ceiling lights that are really stylish, but my camera is broke and my phone isn’t good enough so I’ll hopefully update this post in the near future when my camera is fixed.

Generally, I think small design changes are necessary at least once a year to make you feel better. If your room looks the same for years, it kinda becomes depressing and boring. On the other hand, it doesn’t take a lot of time and money to improve the overall look of your room or house.

I’ve read countless of room design articles as well as lightning guides all over the internet and they definitely helped me a lot. Once you gather enough information it’s easier to come up with the right design strategy and execute it effectively.

A huge mistakes people do is trying to come up with design ideas on the go. Whereas I like being spontaneous, when it comes to redesigning your place, having a plan in mind make you less likely to end up with a bad final result.

For example, if I wouldn’t spend my time on trying to find the right lightning type, I wouldn’t learn that the modern ceiling lights look best with my room’s design and are perfect for my medium-sized room. I’d also struggle to find the right art to hang on my walls since there are so many great pictures and posters to choose from. But after reading a guide to choosing the right piece of art, I was able to quickly find the perfect art for my room.

Summing up, I’m extremely happy to made the decision on improving my room. I hope to post some pictures soon, as for now, you need to enjoy the free stock photo I used.

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