I Got A Wide Format Printer To Create Art

So my recent post was about redesigning my room. Since I got so inspired by the overall final result, and I love art, I decided to get a second-hand wide format printer, invested in ink supplies and sketched a few designs for inspirations. The goal is to print wide format art that I can use to make my house look awesome. It’s also a great gift idea that I can use for my friends’ birthdays and other special occasions.

The third awesome thing I can do is sell my art on Amazon or Ebay and make some extra money. I had to invest some money but I think it’s worth it just for the joy I have because of creating my own art. And if I’ll be able to sell it, it will be great, but I won’t be disappointed if this won’t happen. At the end of the day, profit is not the most important thing.

I browsed Pinterest for some inspirations and tutorials. I also have a very talented friend who’s a digital artist so I hope to get some help from her. Once we combine her skills with my wide format printer and different inks I bought, I’m sure we’ll have all it takes to dominate the world of art, haha!

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