How I coped with Anxiety?

“You need anti-depressants and I am going to prescribe it for your”

That is what my GP told to me after checking all my medical reports. It took him several appointments and almost a dozen of clinical tests to draw this conclusion. I felt dread. I was willing to regain control over my mind and my body however it was not an easy decision. With a mind full of questions I came back to my home and opened my laptop. After a short research about anti-depressants even the thought of using them. That was the time when I promised myself that, “I will never get myself dependent over these pills”. That event became a life-changer for me. Today, I m a healthy woman. I am overjoyed with my life. I sing, I dance and I work. Let me provide you with a few things which I did to defeat my anxiety!

Self Help Books

You may find it weird that I am talking about the books in this age of digital world. However believe me, we still need them. There are several great self-help books available for people with elevated anxiety levels. We have some great authors writing in this department yet I love Dale Carnegie. I believe he is still alive through his writings. I found his books very helpful. In fact his books provided me with a chance to redefine my objectives. Reading online stuff is a good thing. However spending some money and buying hard copies is something entirely different.


There was a time when meditation seemed to me as a boring activity. After making it a part of life for some consecutive days its importance became clear. Now I am using this method for keeping my stress levels under control. Believe me, it is something that really works. You can start it without spending anything. YouTube have tons of meditation and you can fine one in my previous post here

Be Thankful

Today, when I am writing these lines millions of people are still siting outside in open grounds. As an Africa let me mention Africa as some of inhabitants are still striving for food. Thus, I should have to remain thankful for whatever I have. Now I know, complaining for the things that I don’t have is not going to help me. In fact, staying thankful enabled me to achieve more in my life and I did!


I will add more posts on this subject for sure! for now I must say goodbye! Remember the following points,

You still have a lot to be thankful
Mastering the emotions is difficult but its still achievable
Integrate some good books in your life. It really helps
Its the right time for in-person socialization. Forget about Facebook and start meeting people who share your passions

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