Guide on how to pick the best towels?

A soft, fluffy towel to hug your body is a must after a hot shower.
We use the towel on a daily basis. So, it must feel soft and luxurious on our skin. Every towel is different regarding look, feel quality, fabric and various other factors. Here are a few crucial factors one needs to take in consideration while selecting the best cotton towels as per your specific needs:

The size and weight of Towel
Towels are measured in units known as grams per square meter (GSM). This defines the towel’s density of the fabric. Towels with lower in GSM tends to be lighter, thinner and less expensive as they can be worn down quickly. This kind of towels is right for taking to the gym or on travel. On the other hand, towels higher in GSM are of superior quality and usually used in top hotels and spas. These towels are expensive but last longer.

Absorbency of towel
A good bath towel is one which is thick, soft and absorbent. That means the one which dries you completely when you came out of the bathtub or shower. Each cotton towel is made up of loops within the weave. The number of loops determines the drying ability. More loops mean higher absorbency and fewer loops means less absorbency.
Egyptian cotton towels are most absorbent. Egyptian cotton towels are extremely popular because its threads are very long, thick and assures purity. It’s also very dense, therefore durable too. If you take proper care of your egyptian cotton towels and wash them correctly, then it will do full justification with the cost you paid to buy them. These towels are usually used in luxury hotels and spa centers because of their heaviness, and high GSM.

Which towel dries fast?
Thinner towels dry faster while thicker towel takes a longer time to dry. Turkish towel dries quickly, but they are not compressed and high in GSM as Egyptian cotton towels are. So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t wait long for your towels to dry, then Turkish cotton towels are an excellent choice for you.

How much lint does it give in the laundry?
New towels, despite their quality, can shed a significant amount and most towels get linty at some point or other. This is because cotton is a natural fiber that will shed when over-used or over-dried in the dryer. Dry your towels on the clothesline. This will help preserve your towels for long.

How long the fibers are?
When you are choosing a cotton towel for you, it is always important to look for the towels made from extra-long staple cotton, also known as ELS cotton. ELS cotton is known for its softer fabric than other kinds of cotton. The highest quality type of ELS cotton is Egyptian cotton.

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