Have A Flat Tummy Again With Manchester Plastic Surgery

Having kids is tough on your body and if you used to be toned, you are going to quickly find that your stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be. Your stomach might sag and you won’t be able to make it flat again no matter how much you exercise. If you have had a C-section, you are going to have a little flap that won’t go away without surgery. If you want to make your stomach flat again, having a tummy tuck from Manchester Plastic Surgery could be a great option.

A tummy tuck will repair the damage from your C-section and also take care of any sagging that diet and exercise can’t cure. The excess fat and skin will be removed and the muscles can be tightened which is going to make your stomach look flat and smooth again.

It can be quite shocking seeing your stomach after your pregnancy. A loose and sagging stomach doesn’t look good. You are a good candidate for a tummy tuck if you are not overweight and have already tried exercise and diet to flatten your stomach.

A tummy tuck will tighten your stomach and give it a flatter profile but it will not remove stretch marks. The cost of the procedure is going to depend on how complicated it is going to be and how much work needs to be done. You will have a scar when the procedure is finished but it will be in an inconspicuous place. If you smoke, you might not be able to have a tummy tuck and if you are physically unhealthy you won’t be able to have one either. You have to be in good health to have a tummy tuck.

Since the procedure is a major surgery, you are going to need to spend a few weeks recovering before you can get back to work or lift anything. You will have to wear a compression garment and take pain killers for the pain. You will start to see the results in two weeks once the swelling goes down.

The results of a tummy tuck from Manchester Plastic Surgery can be dramatic. Your stomach is going to be flat and you are going to look closer to your pre-baby body. If you are unhappy with the way your stomach looks, a tummy tuck is a good investment.

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