Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Looking for high-end luxury bed linens at reasonable prices? Select Egyptian cotton bed sheets from a popular on-line source. Egyptian cotton is considered to be ‘the king of all cotton’ because of its luxurious feel and durability. This cotton variety makes for very breathable fabrics which can resist pilling, since it does not produce too much lint.

Reasons for the Popularity of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
The primary reason for the popularity of Egyptian cotton bed sheets is their soft and gentle feel on the skin. Their softness comes from the high thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch (or 2.5 cm). Therefore, a higher thread count means a softer fabric; the minimum requirement for a soft fabric is 200 thread counts. With an attempt to create superior quality, long-lasting linen, manufacturers have increased thread counts to as much as 1000 units.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: Plant Facts
This cotton is obtained from a plant called GossypiumBarbadense or GossypiumHirsutum. Both these plants originally belong to America. They were brought to Egypt only in the 19th century by Mohammed Ali Pasha, the reigning king of Egypt. He began growing these cotton plants to serve as a cash crop to support the army.

The plant produces extra-long fibers, which helps in manufacturing thread which is thinner and longer than most other cotton variety. Thinner threads lead to the higher thread, and since the threads are longer and woven close together, the bed sheets made from these fabrics can last for decades, if cared properly.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: Purchasing Tips
Due to a higher thread count, Egyptian cotton bed sheets might be more expensive than most other bed linens. However, if you buy from the Internet, you can avail the benefit of online discounts. You can also purchase wholesale sheets to get lower prices. While buying these sheets, you must keep a few things in mind:

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